Data Attribution

pentalocal publishes a lot of information - more than 100,000,000 records and counting! We couldn't do it without great data providers, wonderful Open Data initiatives, and fabulous users who contribute daily to our content.

The base data comes from OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is a fantastic initiative and its data is available to anyone under the Open Database License.
Data provided by OpenStreetMap is "© OpenStreetMap contributors".

pentalocal also uses "Open Data", generally provided by government agencies. "Open Data", by definition, is generally free to download and use without restriction.

Lastly, our users validate & contribute content while they're "out and about" using pentalocal's mobile app (in beta as of September 2015).

Please review our Terms of Use, for details on using the services and underlying data.

Data Providers

Here are links to the fantastic organization and agencies whose data helps to power pentalocal. If you wish to use their data, you can obtain it from them directly in accordance with their copyrights and legal agreements.
(As of September 2015, this is a partial list. We are working to make this list complete.)